Bill at Auburn signing books
Jim Miller, Author of These Guys Have all the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

“This is a guy whose idea gave birth to, arguably, the most successful media story of our time.”

Cindi Gallucci, RISMedia – Annual Power Broker Reception & Dinner

“Bill, your keynote address was expertly delivered and full of amazing stories and reflections of an idea that changed the world of communications and beyond. I hope you realize by the response that your words and message were well received.”

Kelli McKenna, RISMedia

“We absolutely loved working with you and just adore Bill. He was great! “

Tom James, Ocala CEP

“What a tremendous honor it was to have you in Ocala to speak to our CEP Partners about your precious early days of ESPN! Your incredible vision has influenced the world in incalculable ways. Thank you.”

Chris Murin, WANE

“Bill is a great story teller, and he has a great story to tell, but I have to say what I appreciated most from working with Bill is the experience, and by this I mean the extent to which he most graciously made himself available to interact and socialize with our attendees during other parts of the event, including a couple of extra-curricular evenings! Keynote speakers and presentations come and go – we see and hear so many, but the opportunity for so many attendees to interact personally, casually, one-on-one with the speaker – this is what makes an event truly memorable for an attendee.”

Arizona State University

“Mr. Rasmussen was very charming, relatable and down to earth!! He was very engaging, smart and just a joy to be around. The chemistry was amazing and I feel like an old friend is leaving me when I had to say goodbye. He was just awesome and we thank him for making the experience for our student leaders so memorable!”

Dick Vitale, ESPN

“You were a man ahead of your time! A Genius – God Bless!”

St. Peter’s University

“Bill has a wonderful personality and many of the attendees of the event couldn’t wait to meet and network with him…the audience was very impressed.”

Chris McKinney, publisher

“This guy created more jobs in the sports world than anyone in sports history.”

Sports Illustrated

“Bill Rasmussen dramatically altered and elevated the world of sports.”

Harlan Steinbaum, author

“When Bill Rasmussen is around, there is electricity and drama in the air.”