Bill enjoying himself onstage
Bill Rasmussen keeps his audience in between rapt attention and laughing out loud as he artfully weaves his fascinating story in with the topic of the event or the title of your choice from the following (or use your own – he is very flexible):

  • Always Be Curious / Never Be Complacent!
  • Bill Rasmussen delivers a powerful presentation loaded with wisdom, excitement and humorous anecdotes. He is a gifted raconteur who shares with his audience a wealth of experience accumulated over a half century as a radio / television talent, innovative entrepreneur and corporate CEO. His life-long passion for sports combined with thousands of live television shows, years of play-by-play experience, and entrepreneurial daring led to his idea for a 24/7 round the clock sports network – ESPN – in 1978. His style is relaxed; his message is powerful! Entertaining and inspirational, Rasmussen connects with audiences at corporate events and on campus, and yes, he is ever curious and never complacent.

  • The ESPN Story
  • Rasmussen captivates audiences by taking them back in time to the beginning of the 24-hour sports network that changed history. What turned out to be one of the greatest success stories in the history of sports television started with a little money and a huge dream. This made Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN, a multi-billion-dollar company, one of the most successful businessmen in America. Artfully weaving his story with your event theme, he encourages corporate executives and organization leaders to rethink their situation and take meaningful risks on today’s current issues. Younger members of the audience frequently leap from their seat in a moment of inspiration, ready to implement their own idea. Others greet Bill afterward with tears in their eyes, realizing their own dreams can still come true.

    The amazing ESPN Story motivates and inspires audiences in every category.

  • A Conversation with Bill Rasmussen
  • Comfortable in the board room, the classroom, the press box or the locker room, Bill Rasmussen takes a direct and positive look with you on a wide range of topics. His presentation is clear and professional, his style is relaxed, his message packs a punch! He builds a strong framework with your select group, interacts and engages with each participant, providing a fresh look at critical issues. Your group will experience an environment that inspires them with great ideas.